Metro Business Pulse Retail Credit Trends Reveal Challenges [INFOGRAPHIC]

How Ready is the Retail Industry for the Holidays?

Experian’s Business Information Services recently published the latest release of the Metro Business Pulse, our metropolitan study of business credit health.  The Metro Business Pulse ranks the top and bottom performing metropolitan statistical areas in four key business credit categories including, bankruptcy rates, and the number of days businesses pay their bills beyond contracted terms, delinquency rates and commercial risk scores. The report also offers rankings by major industries.

The retail sector had an average risk score* of 51.05 in Q3 2013, which is 12.7 percent lower than the national average**.  Findings from the report showed that, in addition to risk score, retail businesses scored below national averages in paying their bills beyond contracted terms (almost 1 day later), percentage of delinquent debt (with 9.2 percent more delinquent dollars) and bankruptcy rates (with 55.8 percent more retail businesses declaring bankruptcy than other industries).

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*Based on a scale of 1 to 100 (with 100 being least risky) and predicts the likelihood of severe delinquency (more than 91 days past due) within the next 12 months

**Based on all industries within the top 25 percent of metropolitan statistical areas