Experian Q2 Metro Business Pulse Study Reveals Economic Bright Spots and Regional Challenges



Today Experian Business Information Services follows up publication of the Experian/Moody’s Analytics Small Business Credit Index report for Q2 with the release of the latest Metro Business Pulse, our metropolitan analysis of small business credit performance.

The Metro Business Pulse ranks the top and bottom performing metropolitan statistical areas in four key business credit categories including, bankruptcy rates, and the number of days businesses pay their bills beyond contracted terms, delinquency rates and commercial risk scores. The report also offers rankings by major industries.

Using Metropolitan Statistics to Spot Regional Growth Opportunities

“When evaluating new customers and prospects, it’s important to understand how businesses are performing, in order to uncover unique pockets of opportunity that can help your own enterprise grow. As such, we’ve taken our research a step further to provide insight on how businesses and different industry groups are performing at a metropolitan-area level. The additional layer of information can help businesses make more informed decisions that can ultimately affect their bottom line.” Said Experian’s Sr. Business Consultant Joel Pruis.

Below we outline the top performing metropolitan areas along with the bottom performing scores. Please visit the Metro Business Pulse web site to reveal the bottom five cities, and for deeper industry-specific rankings.

[tabs] [tab title=”Risk Score”]

Top 5Bottom 5
 1.   Portland, OR 65.68 1.  Florida Metro Area47.96
 2.   Pittsburgh, PA 65.58 2.  Florida Metro Area49.81
 3.   Grand Rapids, MI 62.99 3.  Georgia Metro Area51.42
 4.   Seattle, WA 62.09 4.  Tennessee Metro Area52.05
 5.   Albany, NY 61.86 5.  Florida Metro Area52.11

Visit web site for bottom scoring cities.

[/tab] [tab title=”Days Beyond Terms”]

Top 5Bottom 5
 1.   San Francisco, CA 3.20 1.  Florida Metro Area18.04
 2.   Omaha, NE 3.54 2.  Florida Metro Area14.02
 3.   New York, NY 3.57 3.  Nevada Metro Area12.18
 4.   Seattle, WA 3.58 4.  Florida Metro Area10.58
 5.   Milwaukee, WI 3.61 5.  Florida Metro Area9.78

Visit web site for bottom scoring cities.

[/tab] [tab title=”Delinquency”]

Top 5Bottom 5
 1.   Salt Lake City, UT 0.92% 1.  Florida Metro Area44.72%
 2.   Boise City, ID 1.62% 2.  Florida Metro Area37.19%
 3.   Houston, TX 2.19% 3.  Florida Metro Area26.78%
 4.   San Diego, CA 3.13% 4.  Ohio Metro Area25.58%
 5.   Albany, NY 3.17% 5.  Florida Metro Area25.18%

Visit web site for bottom scoring cities.
[/tab] [tab title=”Bankruptcy”]

Top 5Bottom 5
 1.   New York, NY 0.28% 1.  California Metro Area2.41%
 2.   Nassau, NY 0.31% 2.  California Metro Area2.16%
 3.   Baton Rouge, LA 0.34% 3.  California Metro Area1.90%
 4.   Honolulu, HI 0.35% 4.  Colorado Metro Area1.84%
 5.   Miami, FL 0.43% 5.  Colorado Metro Area1.71%

Visit web site for bottom scoring cities.

[/tab] [/tabs]

Attend the Quarterly Business Credit Review Webinar

If you are interested in gaining deeper insights on this study please RSVP to attend our free Quarterly Business Credit Review Webinar, hosted by Joel Pruis on September 24th 11:00 a.m. (PST). Experian will be joined by Cristian deRitis and Nate Kelley of Moody’s Analytics for an in depth discussion on regional trends. In addition to our discussion, we will be giving away five Kindle Fire HD readers to our attendees in our event drawing.