BusinessIQ Express discount – Celebrating National Small Business Week

We promise that blogging from our product managers will start again soon, but in the meantime, here’s more from the Marketing and PR front…

In honor of National Small Business Week, through May 30, 2012, we’re offering a 50% savings on our brand new BusinessIQ Express tool — just $375 for an annual subscription rather than $750.  It’s designed especially for small businesses and is the one-stop-shop for evaluating, monitoring and collecting from your B2B prospects, customers, suppliers and partners.

Small businesses sometimes aren’t familiar with the need to view credit history and financial background – or the need to monitor current customers. The reason evaluating and monitoring are so important is that they help identify and manage risk.  For instance, I would be less likely to sell to a business branded as ‘high risk’ because of their history of late payments and tax liens.  Also, I would want to be alerted if a regular customer suddenly filed for bankruptcy.  Having background knowledge could help me avoid the risk by declining the business or requiring cash payment.

In addition, it can sometimes be hard to collect from delinquent accounts. BusinessIQ Express provides easy-to-use letter templates and even additional contact information.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the discount, go to: