BusinessIQ Express…what is the media saying?

A little over a week ago, we announced BusinessIQ Express at the FinovateSpring 2012 conference in San Francisco. The new online tool was designed to help small businesses better evaluate and monitor business relationships, and collect on outstanding debt.

Since its launch, we’ve received some amazing coverage in the media. For example, PC World named BusinessIQ Express one of the eight most promising new web apps and services for businesses that were launched at Finovate. We had some pretty stiff competition too; there were more than 64 products and services launched at the conference.

Additional coverage came from Small Business Trends and YoungUpStarts, two influential blogs written for small business owners. Both sites wrote great pieces on the benefits of BusinessIQ Express, and discussed how the tool aims to help small businesses address the challenges of maintaining a profitable business. Additionally, the Small Business Trends blog was picked up by the Business Insider, a prominent business news website that syndicated the article across its web properties.

What an amazing week! I can’t wait to see what the media says about BusinessIQ Express next. Stay tuned …