From Both Sides Now- Are these Clouds Illusions?

I’m thinking that Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google and general techno-cognoscenti , must be a  Joni Mitchell fan.  He is credited with having coined the term “cloud computing,” a brilliant metaphor for describing the most recent digital phenomenon that promises to transform everything from the way we interact with our machines to the way business is conducted.  Some suggest that the term referred to the standard cloud-like image that represented the Internet in early IT network diagrams, but maybe Schmidt was poetically comparing the coming-of-age of a ubiquitous and grandiose Internet with the pristine and captivating “Rows and flows of angel hair, and ice cream castles in the air, and feathered canyons everywhere” that Mitchell ponders in From both sides Now.  Regardless of the origin, any cloud computing reference has come to symbolize all that is pure and holy about 21st century technology and has led to serious and sometimes clever “cloud-washing” of common software product that has been cluttering your desktop for years.

Having just acknowledged how much hype surrounds the topic, I’d hardly protest if you challenged my declaration that BusinessIQ is a cloud computing application and that the characteristics of BusinessIQ will carry lofty incremental  value beyond those down-to-earth benefits you take for granted.

I am obliged to pause here for a discussion of this topic of cloud computing.  To be continued…