Have you seen the future recently?

They say the future has a strange way of arriving on time.  As much as we want to ignore it, it still arrives.  The question then, is how well have you prepared for it?  One way you can get ready, is to get the information and tools you can rely on to make sure you are getting the insight you need.  These tools will put you in the best position to thrive when the inevitable occurs…that is, the future arrives.

I have experienced this in a big way with my 529 fund for the college educations of my two boys.  I blindly socked money away in it each month for years.  Then, one day, my oldest graduated from high school.  The future had arrived!  Lo and behold, I had enough saved to get him through!  Not only that, I am on track to get his younger brother through as well.  That little bit of advice I got from my accountant all those years ago—open a 529 fund—has paid off hugely for me.

I was reminded of this over the weekend when talking to my brother.  He is a small business owner, a great salesman for whom credit was barely even a consideration a few years ago.  In the recent downturn though, it’s become necessary for him to pay attention to credit to protect his business, and he asked for my advice on how to read a credit report. 

Teach a man to fish, and he can feed himself for a lifetime right?  Well, I directed him to an online resource that would help him learn how to understand an Experian business credit report.  He may have saved himself a bundle this past weekend thanks to this valuable insight.  And I am sure his new found skill will save him again with other slow paying customers.

 Amazing how preparing for the future can pay unseen dividends, isn’t it?