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Defining “charge off”

Dear Experian, What is a "charge off," and what does it mean? - TPA

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Benefits of paying a collection account

Dear Experian, I have a credit card account on my report that has gone to a collection company and was written off by the credit card company. If I make a deal with the collection company to start a payment plan and pay this off, will it affect my credit in a positive manner or is it too late for that? Also, does the collection company have to report the timely payments to you to show it is being paid? - SCH

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“Charged off” debt must still be repaid

Dear Experian, What does it mean when Account Type/Status says "Charge Off"? Does this mean I no longer owe this amount? - ERS

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Defining charged off, written off and transferred

Dear Experian, What are the definitions of charged off, written off and transferred? - CPL

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