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What it means when there are name and social security number variations

Dear Experian, What do I do when two names and Social Security numbers are on one credit report? - KCH

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Actions to take after receiving a security breach notification

Dear Experian, I work for a school district and its information has been hacked. They advised us to contact the credit companies. What I should do to protect myself? They are not sure how much information was stolen, and the hackers are threatening to release the information to the public. Please tell me what I need to do. - AAD

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What to do if you become a victim of cyber-fraud

Dear Experian, I made an online purchase from a site that now appears to be a fraud, and I’m worried that my credit card may be at risk. I did not receive the merchandise and cannot get a response from the retailer. What should I do? - GHR

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