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Adding telephone number to temporary fraud alert

Dear Experian, I want to add my cell phone number to my file because I just put in a 90 day fraud alert. I noticed when I pulled my file up online, you only show my home number. When I call the numbers on the letter I received, it just wants me to order a report. I already have the online report. - MSP

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Security freezes are not shared among the national credit reporting companies

Dear Experian, Does placing a security freeze at one credit agency extend to all three credit agencies like a fraud alert? - SCB

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Actions to take after receiving a security breach notification

Dear Experian, I work for a school district and its information has been hacked. They advised us to contact the credit companies. What I should do to protect myself? They are not sure how much information was stolen, and the hackers are threatening to release the information to the public. Please tell me what I need to do. - AAD

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