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Reporting utility bill payments will be beneficial to consumers

Dear Experian, I got my credit report recently and was shocked to find that all of my monthly obligations were not listed, making my score very low. I pay my utility bills, Internet service provider, merchandise shipping contracts, telephone, cable television, and rent on time every month, and I have an open Paypal/Ebay account. If these were listed I am sure that my report would look more favorable. How can I get these items onto my reports so that a future lenders looking at my credit profile for a home loan will know that I am an honest hard working person, paying her obligations as agreed? - DST

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Unpaid utility bills can appear on your credit report

Dear Experian, If you don't pay your utility bill, can that go on your credit report? - MWB

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Qualifying for new credit when you have no credit history

Dear Experian, I have no credit score and am unable to get credit for a car loan. How do I get a credit score? I have my own apartment and am paying all utilities. Will that help? If so how long does it take, or where should I start? - KNY

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Impact of inquires from utilities, cable TV, rent, and cell phones on credit scores

Dear Experian, How do inquiries from utility, cable television/internet, cellular telephone and residential rentals impact credit scores since payment histories are never reported? - MDB

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“Soft inquiries” are not an exception to access a frozen credit file

Dear Experian, Can a utility company still obtain my report with a "soft hit" on my credit, or is my information frozen and no information can be released with a state credit freeze on my account? A utility company told me they can still do a credit check on my account even when it has a freeze on it because they do a soft hit. - SMK

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