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There is no limit on the number of credit cards you can have

Dear Experian, How many credit cards can I have? I have eight credit cards. I opened all of them within the last year (total $6,500), plus a loan for a car ($16,000). I am a housewife. My husband pays all my bills on time, but he keeps asking me to get new credit cards. I wonder if it's damaging my credit history or my credit score. Also, is it shown on my credit report if I apply for a credit card and I do not get approved? - ARY

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One inquiry can be “too many”

Dear Experian, I am confused as to why I have only one inquiry on my report but all three bureaus say “too many inquiries last 12 months." Is this affecting my score very much? Even if it is not, why are they using that as part of their scoring system for me? - MOR

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