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Requests for your credit history

Dear Experian, How do I find out who has looked at my credit report? - GDS

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“Soft inquiries” are not an exception to access a frozen credit file

Dear Experian, Can a utility company still obtain my report with a "soft hit" on my credit, or is my information frozen and no information can be released with a state credit freeze on my account? A utility company told me they can still do a credit check on my account even when it has a freeze on it because they do a soft hit. - SMK

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Getting your personal report does not affect credit scores

Dear Experian, Does it affect my credit score if I pull my own credit report more than twice a month? - LAK

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Inquiries from existing creditors and for preapproved offers

Dear Experian, There is a string of inquiries made by credit card companies on my report. I did not authorize these. How can I get the credit card companies to cease and desist? How do we remove these from our report? - OYC

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