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Maintaining your own credit history after getting married

Dear Experian,

When I got married my husband put everything in his name (utilities, house, etc.). I still have two credit cards in my name. How can I maintain good credit scores going forward with limited items in my name?


Getting married when your girlfriend has declared bankruptcy twice

Dear Experian,

I’m planning to ask my girlfriend to marry me. However, I just found out she has filed for both chapter 7 bankruptcy, in 2000, and chapter 13 bankruptcy, in 2008. I’ve been told this not good for our future and that it will affect my credit if we do get married. Any insight would be helpful.


Changing name when married won’t link you to his bad credit

Dear Experian,

I’m getting married next week and am wondering if I should take my husband’s last name. His credit is not quite good, while mine is very good. If I take his last name, what will happen to my credit history? Should I have a joint account with my husband? What is the best way for me to protect myself from having problems from changing my last name?


Husbands and wives each have their own credit report

Dear Experian,

My husband and I are thinking about purchasing a car. I just printed out my credit report from Experian. Should my husband check his as well? Should we buy a copy of our credit scores as well before we shop for a car? Since we live in a community property state, do we share a credit score? Also, how will purchasing a car affect our credit score? We will be buying a pre-owned vehicle. This is the first time I’ve gotten a copy of my credit report.


Marrying a man who declared bankruptcy

Dear Experian,

I would like to get married to a man who filed for bankruptcy. I have great credit, and he has a new slate. Will it wreck my credit even if we keep our finances separate?


Marriage will not combine new husband’s old credit history with wife’s

Dear Experian,

My fiancé is divorced and lost his house to foreclosure. He has a bad credit history including bankruptcy. When we marry what are the pros and cons of my taking his name? My credit is pretty good – good enough to buy a $132,000 home two years ago. I’ve heard that marrying and taking their name is a huge mistake if there are credit problems. Can you advise, please?


Both of married couple’s credit reports are considered when applying for a home

Dear Experian,

If you are married can you join your scores together to get approved on a house loan?


Marriage doesn’t merge your new spouse’s bad credit with your good history

Dear Experian,

Is it true that when you get married you automatically inherit your spouse’s bad debt or bad credit and does it show on your credit report? I have a close friend that said that is exactly what happened to him. I seriously doubt him, but just the same I need to know the truth. I will be marrying soon and was wondering if I should be concerned due to my future spouse’s “bad debt.”


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