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How to lift a security freeze

Dear Experian,

How do I lift my freeze in your company?


Freezing your credit file doesn’t affect current credit accounts

Dear Experian,

I just lost my driver’s license and am considering putting a security freeze on my credit files. Would placing a freeze on my credit files interfere with me using my credit card, either online, at shops or for the services that are automatically billed to my credit card each month?


The difference between a fraud alert and a security freeze

Dear Experian,

What is and where can I find my Security Freeze Personal Identification Number? I have an extended fraud alert on my credit report and would like it removed. I have drafted and put together all the information to send to have it removed; however, I am lacking this Security Freeze Personal Identification number.


Freezing your children’s credit histories

Dear Experian,

I have two young children (both under the age of four). Because I have heard of even young children being the victims of identity theft, I am considering freezing their credit files until they are old enough to have their first credit cards. What is your opinion on this? Is it possible for a parent to freeze the credit of a minor? Would you do this for your own children?


Protecting your children from identity theft

Dear Experian,

Identity theft is a growing problem for children. Can I put a security freeze on my three-year-old daughter’s file even though there most likely is no activity? If this is not possible can I call to see if there is activity under her Social Security number?


Recovering a lost PIN when your credit file is frozen

Dear Experian,

I lost my pin for credit thaws and freezes. How do I go about getting another one? Can I do it over the phone or would it be better if I did that in writing?


Steps to take after vehicle burglarized

Dear Experian,

Our vehicle was broken into and confidential identity information might have been accessed. Does this warrant obtaining a security freeze? If so, how long can I expect for it to take place?


Replacing lost PIN to thaw frozen credit file

Dear Experian,

I placed security freeze on my account and have misplaced the pin needed to temporary remove freeze. How do I get a replacement PIN?


You can get a free annual report even if you have frozen your credit file

Dear Experian,

Does putting a security freeze on my file prevent me from getting my free annual credit report?


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