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Using secured credit cards to improve credit history

Dear Experian, What is your opinion about using secured credit cards to improve credit history, especially if there is no current history (last entries were in 2004)? - PAS

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Use cards a little and pay balances in full to build credit

Dear Experian, I am trying to rebuild my credit. Is it better to keep a zero balance on the credit cards that I have recently paid off or keep a small amount and pay them off each month? I still have some credit cards that have a balance on, which I plan on paying off completely. I would just like to know the best way to raise my credit score. - LLO

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Choosing between a motorcycle and an engagement ring

Dear Experian, I have been rebuilding my credit and would like to purchase a motorcycle and an engagement ring. If I apply for credit and get denied will my credit score go down and how long will the two remain on my credit report? - ENB

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Improving your credit is a matter of common sense

Dear Experian, I would love to get an answer on how to increase my credit score other than common sense answers like, “Pay your bill on time.” No duh. I’m past that. I didn’t pay on time, now what? Or, get a credit card. My credit is messed up. I can’t get a credit card. I hope you have some information that can actually be applied, like who to pay first. If it’s already in collection should I even pay it off? - UPE

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