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Paying off debts is just the first step in restoring your credit scores

Dear Experian, I just paid the last bill off my credit in May of this year. If there is nothing else for me to pay how does my credit score increase? - ABR

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Rebuilding credit after job loss

Dear Experian, I lost my job two years ago and have had a bad patch paying my bills. My credit score dipped substantially. I managed to get on plans with my late accounts and am on track to be debt free in about three years. Can my score ever improve? - THO

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How long before paid credit cards are updated

Dear Experian, I just paid off a lot of my credit card debt. When will I see it take effect on my credit report? - DUK

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Building credit after paying off old debts

Dear Experian, I have just paid off all of my bad debt, but I only have one good standing loan, and that was back in 2005. What would be the best way to improve my credit? I heard getting a pre-paid visa would work, is that true? - DRM

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Reestablishing credit when your spouse dies

Dear Experian, I don't have any credit. I never had to buy anything. I was married at a very young age and my husband did all the buying. What do I do now? - NEK

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