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The impact of fraud alerts when checks and debit cards or stolen

Dear Experian, My debit card and checks are being taken without my knowledge and being used. What can I do to protect myself? To stop everything the bank charges you money, of course. The retailer obviously doesn't check identification. What are my options? My bank account was drained. Who do I turn to? I thought the fraud alert helped. - SGT

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What to do when items are stolen from your car

Dear Experian, Last night, a fairly sophisticated ring apparently swept through my neighborhood stealing from cars. Unfortunately, my wallet was stolen with my driver’s license, and yes, stupidly, my Social Security card. Worse, an external hard drive was also taken that had tons of personal, financial information. While much of it was in a password protected document, there was also several years’ worth of statements from many of my accounts. What is the best way to protect yourself if you feel someone may have every bit of information they would need including account numbers, Social Security numbers, etc? How can you feel secure beyond the initial 90 days? - EER

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Adding a fraud alert after check fraud

Dear Experian, I was a victim of check fraud. I was told I'm entitled to seven years of free fraud alerts as long as I have a police report. Is this true? The bad checks are rolling in now, and I am concerned that they might have opened up credit in our names as well. - GID

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Preventing stolen checks from impacting your credit report

Dear Experian, About a year ago my checkbook was stolen. Whomever it was stolen by has continuously written bad checks in many places. I filed a police report and closed my bank account one week after I discovered my missing checkbook. I was honestly unaware that this would affect my credit report. How do I get all this fixed? - CKE

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Steps to take after wallet is stolen

Dear Experian, I had my wallet stolen. My entire life was in my wallet including a check book, my Social Security card, driver's license, identification and passwords to all my personal information, and all my credit cards. I have cancelled all my credit cards but am afraid that they will use my information for other reasons. As it is my credit is not great. What should I do? - MJG

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