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You must submit request in writing to permanently opt out of receiving prescreened offers

Dear Experian,

I received a letter from Experian today regarding permanently removing my name from pre-approved credit offer mailing lists. The letter is requesting name, Social Security number, current address, and previous address. I would like to permanently remove my name, but I am not sure that this letter is legitimate. Can you please confirm?


Opting out will not cause your credit report to disappear

Dear Experian,

I’ve recently been denied credit because my credit information is either missing or unavailable. Does this have anything to do with the fact that I elected to “opt out” years ago, and if so, how do I go about changing this?


Beware of calls offering marketing opt out

Dear Readers, Consumers have reported receiving automated calls asking for their Social Security numbers and other personal information in order to opt out of marketing mailing lists. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Consumer Reporting Agencies (CRAs) are permitted to include your name on lists used by creditors or insurers to make firm offers […]

Opt out of debt, not credit reporting

Dear Experian,

I want to opt out of all credit reporting. Can I do it?


Opting out of preapproved offers does not help credit scores

Dear Experian,

Does opting out of preapproved mail offers raise my credit score?


Inquiries from existing creditors and for preapproved offers

Dear Experian,

There is a string of inquiries made by credit card companies on my report. I did not authorize these. How can I get the credit card companies to cease and desist? How do we remove these from our report?


Adding a fraud security alert and opting out

Dear Experian,

How do I opt out online as I am an identity theft victim and am taking care of all this? I want to opt out immediately.


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