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Not just anyone can get your credit report

Dear Experian,

Can anyone obtain a credit report on anyone else if they are not a lending company of any kind? There is an argument going on a message board and someone is saying that any individual can obtain a credit report on any other individual.


Ordering a personal report is recommended before disputing information

Dear Experian,

I just had a credit check done by my new landlord, and one company had negative feedback. I tried to dispute it online but it is not recognizing the report number. What can I do next?


Having a current copy of your Experian credit report is helpful when receiving assistance

Dear Experian,

What is my credit report number? I need it so I can speak to someone live.


Why you might be required to mail a request for your credit report

Dear Experian,

I tried to get my credit report from Experian online, and a box popped up saying I could get it by mail, but not online, because of security reasons. Do you know why? Is it because there’s something suspicious on my report? How can I find out?


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