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Authorized user account not appearing on the credit report

Dear Experian, I checked my credit report online and saw that it says I have no credit cards. I am an authorized user on a card, and I pay the balance every month. Why doesn't it appear on my report? - MDM

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Application declined because credit score can’t be calculated

Dear Experian, I am trying to get a loan and am being denied because your company won’t list a score on me. Why? - LRT

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Qualifying for new credit when you have no credit history

Dear Experian, I have no credit score and am unable to get credit for a car loan. How do I get a credit score? I have my own apartment and am paying all utilities. Will that help? If so how long does it take, or where should I start? - KNY

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New credit card not appearing in your credit report

Dear Experian, I have had a new credit card since December. They state that they are reporting to the credit bureau but I see no record of it. How can I get this card on my credit report to help my scores? - ATK

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Time is necessary before credit score can be calculated

Dear Experian, My husband and I recently purchased a used car. He makes an annual income of $63,000 and I am a full-time, unemployed student. Because he had zero credit and I had student loans on creating a small credit score, we were only able to sign jointly for the car. He was told being the co-signer would be a great way to start earning credit. He's tried to get a credit card but continues to be denied for lack of credit. We've had the car now for four months and all payments have been on-time. We just ran his credit looking at refinancing the car to a lower interest rate and the account is there, but he still does not have a credit score. Our bank suggested contacting you to see how long it takes before he will begin earning a credit score. - CJF

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