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Experian will removed delinquent authorized user accounts on request

Dear Experian, I am listed as an authorized user on two of my husband's accounts, one of which was charged off, and the other is in collections. They are showing up on my credit report and negatively impacting me. How can I get these off my credit report? - SHR

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The meaning of “key derogatory” as a credit score factor

Dear Experian, What does "Key Derogatoryā€¯ mean? - RTC

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Account reported as potentially negative after bankruptcy discharged

Dear Experian, I went through Chapter 13 bankruptcy. I paid all that I owed, and my Chapter 13 was discharged in March 2012. I requested an item be deleted since the seven years was up, and my request was denied. They said it was because the account was brought current. How can that be? - GLD

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