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How long it takes for scores to go up depends on your overall credit history

Dear Experian, How long after negative information is removed will it take for your credit score to go back up? When viewing your credit report, can a business see if you have been denied credit? - FSU

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How long “past due” record remains in credit report

Dear Experian, How long does a negative payment status of "Paid, Past due 30 days" remain on my credit report? The item in question occurred in March 2006, while I was out of the country. I would really like to get this one potentially negative item off of my credit report. - DHB

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When paid off accounts are deleted

Dear Experian, If I pay off a negative account on my credit report, will it be removed from my credit and raise my score or will it remain on there seven years and not change my score? How does this work? - TYK

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Late payment history will remain for a time after debt is paid

Dear Experian, After I pay off the negative items on my credit are lenders able to see that I once had negative items? - IDE

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What happens when you pay off “bad” credit

Dear Experian, When a piece of "bad" credit exists on my report, what happens if I pay it off? Is it automatically updated to "good" credit? Does it still reflect negatively on my report? Are the months that I could not pay still reflected, but changed to a $0 balance? - GTH

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