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Homebuyers and Credit: Survey Results

Despite knowing more about their credit, people say they are still getting denied for loans at one of the most credit-crucial times in life: purchasing a home. Recent findings from Experian indicate that while 74 percent of those surveyed see credit as a valuable tool rather than a necessary evil in the home buying process, […]

One Mom’s Journey: A Refinance and Family Growth for Angel

Curious about what a refi might mean for you? Hear a story from Angel – from her YouTube channel That Chick Angel TV – about how she prepared, and what moving on to a next chapter means for her and her family.  Refinancing your home is a big task – and one that absolutely requires […]

What Does the Fed’s Rate Hike Mean For You?

A Federal interest rate change always triggers alarming news from far-reaching quarters, but is it really a big deal for you? At least part of the noise you’ll hear surrounding those announcements comes from opportunistic brokers and others looking to capture some prospect of business from you. The recent rate hike from the Federal Reserve […]

Previous mortgage still appearing on credit report

Dear Experian,

We refinanced our home with a different lender and my credit report is showing I have two mortgages. How long will it take for the lender that was paid off to drop off my credit report?


Am I (Credit) Ready to Buy a House?

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares insights on how to give your home-buying plans a (credit) gut check. Potential first-time homeowners are often anxious about how their credit impacts their ability to qualify for a mortgage loan. The qualification process can be daunting when you’re unsure about your credit profile, and credit is just one of […]

Your Credit and Housing: Survey Results

For many of us, buying a home is the single biggest purchase we’ll ever make. It also happens to be one of those crucial moments where it’s essential to know all you can about your credit. As the housing market continues to turn around in many areas, is this the year you’ll start to consider […]

3 Must-know Facts about Credit and VA Loans

When you need to know more about what your service can do for you when it comes to home ownership, get clued in with these big ideas from Chris Birk of Veterans United Home Loans. VA home loans have helped millions of veterans, service members and military families become homeowners over the last seven decades. […]

The effect of delinquencies when going through a short sale

Dear Experian,

Will it have more of an impact on my credit report if I stop making my mortgage payments and become 90 days or more delinquent during a short sale process? Or will it be the same because the bank will still report it as a settled debt in the end?


Financing Major Purchases

Buying a Home – Plan in Advance Buying a home is likely to be the largest purchase you will ever make. It can be complicated and stressful, but with careful planning, buying a home can be a more satisfying process. To help you plan for this major purchase, Experian® has put together a list of […]

Updating report to show home ownership

Dear Experian,

I am the owner of a house with a paid mortgage, which I am renting to family. How will this affect my credit scores, and how can I update my credit report with this information?


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