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Make medical payments to the collection company not to the hospital

Dear Experian, I have been making monthly payments for a hospital bill. The hospital has stopped all correspondence and continues to cash my checks. They have also reported on my credit report with no reduction in debt updated. The report states collection even though they are accepting payment. - DLR

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Medical collection accounts and your credit report

Dear Experian, Can a collection agency sell your medical debt to another collection agency in order to keep it on your credit report when it's coming close to the seven year mark? - BTL

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Medical collection accounts are treated like any other collection account

Dear Experian, My credit report is clean except for past due medical bills. I would like to know if having medical bills past due is going to prevent me from having a good credit score and good credit. I have always been told not to worry about paying any medical issues on my credit report. Is that true? - YGR

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Unpaid hospital bills can affect your credit

Dear Experian, Do unpaid, uninsured hospital bills affect your credit? - SSI

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Medical collection accounts on a credit report

Dear Experian, I have a customer who is trying to resolve a credit issue. I work for a bank. The account entry says “Medical Payment Data.” He does not know how to contact these people to pay the account. Can you help me help this customer? - FNB

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