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Charged off student loans still in credit report after being paid in full

Dear Experian, I have three student loans from about 12 years ago that where charged off. I paid them off in full two years ago, yet they are still reporting on my credit report. They are being reported as paid in full; however, next to that it lists a loan amount and still shows a balance. The loan amount would be the original amount borrowed, but there must be a mistake since it shows a balance even though it states paid in full. Is this affecting my credit score? Should I get a letter stating paid in full from the lender and send it in to you? - MKD

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Voluntary repossession would have seriously damaged credit scores

Dear Experian, I am trying to trade-in my car; however, I am upside down on my current car loan. If I trade it, my payments will be really high. The salesperson is trying to convince me to do a voluntary repossession on my current vehicle. She said that it would not be a big hit on my credit and my new car payment will then be lower. I told her that was something that I really had to think about and research. I don't know much about what she was talking about, and I did not want to make an impulse decision. - NTN

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Student loans may appear in credit report while in deferment

Dear Experian, How long does it take after student loans are out of deferment for them to show up on a credit report? - LSM

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Student loan will appear on cosigner’s credit report as well as the student’s

Dear Experian, If I cosigned for a student loan, will the loan balance show on my credit report, or it will only show on the student’s credit report? - CSY

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Loan modification could hurt your credit scores depending on how it is modified

Dear Experian, I am interested in a modification on my mortgage loan. I would like to modify my repayment When I asked the bank if a modification would negatively impact my credit scores, I was told that it may be reported to the three credit reporting companies, but that the impact to my credit scores would be up to you. Would a modification, lower monthly payments or deferred payments lower my credit scores? - RYR

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Experian does not extend credit or provide credit cards

Dear Experian, How can I get a credit card with Experian? - SHL

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