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“Short sales” usually deleted 7 years from the mortgage’s first late payment

Dear Experian, How long is a short sale on your credit report? We did a short sale in December 2010, and it is still on our credit report. - SPG

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Missing payments will worsen impact of mortgage short sale

Dear Experian, How will it affect my credit score if I short sell my house without missing any mortgage payments versus missing payments prior to the sale? - BSB

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Experian will removed delinquent authorized user accounts on request

Dear Experian, I am listed as an authorized user on two of my husband's accounts, one of which was charged off, and the other is in collections. They are showing up on my credit report and negatively impacting me. How can I get these off my credit report? - SHR

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The meaning of “key derogatory” as a credit score factor

Dear Experian, What does "Key Derogatoryā€¯ mean? - RTC

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Late payments continue to appear after declaring bankruptcy

Dear Experian, How can I get late payments removed for items that were included in bankruptcy? - NPN

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