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Difference between “balance-to-limit ratio” and “debt-to-income” ratio

Dear Experian, What is the appropriate balance-to-limit or debt-to-income ratio? I do not maintain a balance on my credit cards but worry that I have credit limits that are too high and could impact my overall credit. - TBL

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Income is not part of a credit report

Dear Experian, I’d like to complete my income information on my credit report. How can I do this? - RYD

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Credit scores not impacted by employer listing or income

Dear Experian, It appears all three credit reporting agencies had listed my employer incorrectly. What impact does my correct employment and earnings have on my credit rating? -RCH

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Income is not part of a credit report so cannot be updated with Experian

Dear Experian, How do I get the word to Experian that my income has greatly increased? I was denied a credit limit increase on my credit card, and I think it was because they think I still have a low income. - ORI   Dear ORI, Income is not part of your credit report. Lenders […]

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Income isn’t the key factor in getting credit card

Dear Experian, How could it be that I make $80,000 a year but I can’t get a retail credit card? - TNI

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Role of income in credit reporting

Dear Experian, What role does income play in credit reporting? - LIB

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