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Making multiple payments each month can help credit scores

Dear Experian,

I tend to make more than one payment per month on my credit cards accounts. Will this raise my credit scores?


Making very good credit scores better

Dear Experian,

I have an 805 Experian score. I know that’s a good score; however, I am a competitive person and would like a higher score. I have the financial means to do whatever is necessary. For example, I could pay off my mortgage, but I don’t because I think it helps your score to have one. I pay my credit cards off monthly, but your systems show a balance, so should I send a $10,000 or $20,000 advance payment each month to the credit card companies so there will never be a “balance,” just activity? Would that help? I really don’t need credit, but find it challenging to raise my score.


Improving credit score without credit card

Dear Experian,

How can you improve your credit score if you don’t have any credit cards?


Past delinquencies are deleted, and you are the best person to restore your credit

Dear Experian,

Are past delinquencies that have been paid off ever removed from the credit report? Also, do you have someone that you recommend for cleaning up credit?


No need to pay to improve your credit

Dear Experian,

I would like to try to fix my credit myself before I pay $865 for 60 months. What should I do first?


You can’t improve your credit “all at once”

Dear Experian,

How can I improve my credit all at once?


Building credit after paying off old debts

Dear Experian,

I have just paid off all of my bad debt, but I only have one good standing loan, and that was back in 2005. What would be the best way to improve my credit? I heard getting a pre-paid visa would work, is that true?


Improving your credit is a matter of common sense

Dear Experian,

I would love to get an answer on how to increase my credit score other than common sense answers like, “Pay your bill on time.” No duh. I’m past that. I didn’t pay on time, now what? Or, get a credit card. My credit is messed up. I can’t get a credit card. I hope you have some information that can actually be applied, like who to pay first. If it’s already in collection should I even pay it off?


Limited credit history could be preventing mortgage qualification

Dear Experian,

I am trying to buy a house, and my credit score just needs to go up by one point. The only credit I have is a credit card with a $900 balance and $1,500 limit. If I pay it down to $500 would this raise my score?


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