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Making very good credit scores better

Dear Experian, I have an 805 Experian score. I know that's a good score; however, I am a competitive person and would like a higher score. I have the financial means to do whatever is necessary. For example, I could pay off my mortgage, but I don't because I think it helps your score to have one. I pay my credit cards off monthly, but your systems show a balance, so should I send a $10,000 or $20,000 advance payment each month to the credit card companies so there will never be a "balance," just activity? Would that help? I really don't need credit, but find it challenging to raise my score. - PSZ

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Getting more credit cards to help credit scores

Dear Experian, Will my credit score improve if I have more credit cards? Do I have to use them to get a better score? - IGG

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Which accounts to start paying off when you have bad debts

Dear Experian, How do I know which debts to go after to reduce my bad credit? - EBT

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You can’t improve your credit “all at once”

Dear Experian, How can I improve my credit all at once? - MGO

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Building credit after paying off old debts

Dear Experian, I have just paid off all of my bad debt, but I only have one good standing loan, and that was back in 2005. What would be the best way to improve my credit? I heard getting a pre-paid visa would work, is that true? - DRM

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Improving your credit is a matter of common sense

Dear Experian, I would love to get an answer on how to increase my credit score other than common sense answers like, “Pay your bill on time.” No duh. I’m past that. I didn’t pay on time, now what? Or, get a credit card. My credit is messed up. I can’t get a credit card. I hope you have some information that can actually be applied, like who to pay first. If it’s already in collection should I even pay it off? - UPE

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