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Experian will removed delinquent authorized user accounts on request

Dear Experian, I am listed as an authorized user on two of my husband's accounts, one of which was charged off, and the other is in collections. They are showing up on my credit report and negatively impacting me. How can I get these off my credit report? - SHR

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Husbands and wives each have their own credit report

Dear Experian, My husband and I are thinking about purchasing a car. I just printed out my credit report from Experian. Should my husband check his as well? Should we buy a copy of our credit scores as well before we shop for a car? Since we live in a community property state, do we share a credit score? Also, how will purchasing a car affect our credit score? We will be buying a pre-owned vehicle. This is the first time I've gotten a copy of my credit report. - YPE

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Joint accounts with husband can help wife qualify for credit

Dear Experian, I have been married for many years and have always had credit with my husband. If I ever need to apply for credit on my own, will I be able to get approved based on the good credit I have had with him? - EDD

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