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Quitclaim deed does not override contractual obligation

Dear Experian, I recently had my credit checked for a preapproval on a new home purchase and found that my credit scores and my wife's had dropped from the high-700s to mid-600s due to two late mortgage payments on an investment property that we had quitclaimed to a family friend. I spoke with the family friend who advised us that she never received the bills. She said it's all paid up to date now, but I am so mad that our credit score dropped as a result. I want the property to be put in her name so that our credit will not be affected if she misses a payment again. Is there any way to show proof to the mortgage company that the property was quitclaimed in 2009, and therefore, the bill does not come to us?. - MJK

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Credit reports show mortgage loans, but not “homeowner status”

Dear Experian, I bought a home a few months ago. How do I update my status to homeowner? - TFW

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Sharing a merged report with a mortgage customer

Dear Experian, Is it now OK to release a customer’s tri-merge report to the customer? The tri-merged report was pulled to apply for a home loan through the seller and broker. - RHO

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Both of married couple’s credit reports are considered when applying for a home

Dear Experian, If you are married can you join your scores together to get approved on a house loan? - BRI

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