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Maintaining good credit after you are married

Dear Experian,

I’m going to be married soon. Will my credit be mixed with my husband’s? What should we do to make sure we keep our good credit after the wedding?


Taking your wife’s name after marriage

Dear Experian,

I just recently married, and I am taking my wife’s last name. Is there a form I need to keep my current credit?


New married name will be added automatically to your credit report

Dear Experian,

I married recently, but my credit report is still in my former name. How do I have this information changed and my new name put on my report?


Marriage doesn’t merge your new spouse’s bad credit with your good history

Dear Experian,

Is it true that when you get married you automatically inherit your spouse’s bad debt or bad credit and does it show on your credit report? I have a close friend that said that is exactly what happened to him. I seriously doubt him, but just the same I need to know the truth. I will be marrying soon and was wondering if I should be concerned due to my future spouse’s “bad debt.”


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