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Who is notified when your credit file is frozen

Dear Experian, I have a credit freeze. If someone tries to establish credit without my pin code, what is the exact response they get from you? Do you tell them that they can not establish new credit because the account is frozen? - HEV

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Responding to a security notice for a frozen credit file

Dear Experian, We have frozen our credit with you. We just received a letter from you saying that there has been a change in the name, Social Security number, or address in our credit report. Are we in any danger of identity theft since we have already frozen our credit? We don't want to order another credit report, so is there a way to speak to someone to find out what the problem is? - RRO

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“Soft inquiries” are not an exception to access a frozen credit file

Dear Experian, Can a utility company still obtain my report with a "soft hit" on my credit, or is my information frozen and no information can be released with a state credit freeze on my account? A utility company told me they can still do a credit check on my account even when it has a freeze on it because they do a soft hit. - SMK

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How long it takes to thaw a frozen credit report

Dear Experian, If I have thawed my credit, how long before I can apply for credit and it will be accessible? - SME

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Monitoring services still work when you freeze your credit file

Dear Experian, If I have my file frozen with all three national credit reporting companies can I still have credit monitored? I do have a couple of monitoring services, but I’m not so sure they are working. I want both if possible, frozen and monitored. Is this possible? - DYN

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