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How Can Cosigning Impact Your FICO® Score?

Financial blogger Thom Fox recalls the first time he needed a cosigner, and offers options to approach a cosign opportunity carefully. When I turned 19, it became apparent that I needed a car. There wasn’t much in the way of employment options within walking distance of where I lived, and forget about any local social […]

How Long Do Inquiries Impact My Scores?

Financial blogger Thom Fox explains the two types of inquiries that happen to your credit, and how they impact your credit scores differently.   As a business advisor, I work with a variety of people. When they find out I am also a personal finance expert, I get a lot of questions about their personal […]

Video: What Five Factors Determine My FICO® Score?

A FICO® Score powered by Experian doesn’t have a mystery recipe: in fact, when you know all the things that can impact your credit score, it’s far easier to take care of your credit and make sure your good behaviors count. Curious about how FICO Scores are ‘different’? Learn more about FICO Scores.     […]

Establishing Credit as a New Graduate: a First-Timer’s Guide

Financial blogger Ash Cash shares his guide to getting familiar with credit basics. Learning the ground rules today can come in handy down the road. In today’s world, if you want to achieve the American dream, chances are you’ll need good credit. When it comes to life’s “big purchases” (like a home or car) having […]

Video: What Is a FICO® Score and Why Is It Important?

You’ve probably heard of FICO® Scores before, but you may not have understood the value that they can have. Scores by FICO are used by the majority of lenders, so they’re a great indication of how your credit might look to a lender when they examine it. Learn more about why they confer real value, […]

Video: How Often Is My FICO® Score Updated?

FICO® Scores are important pieces of information that reflect your credit standing. But how often can they change – and how often should you check them to be really clued-in about your credit? Inquiries can affect your credit scores. Learn how different types do or don’t get considered by scoring calculations.       This is […]

Audio: How Often is My FICO® Score Updated?

How often do your FICO® Scores see updates? That depends on your credit activity, and how often new information is added to your credit report. Listen in to learn more about how you impact the updates your FICO Scores receive. For answers to some of the most common credit questions, join Credit 101 for a […]

Audio: What’s the Difference Between FICO® Scores and Other Credit Scores?

FICO® Scores are incredibly popular among lenders who make credit decisions. Discover more about how FICO Scores are different, and how those differences can help you get where you want to go. For answers to some of the most common credit questions, listen in with Credit 101 for a quick learning byte. There’s no reason […]

Audio: Is There Only One Credit Score?

It’s one of the biggest misconceptions out there: that there’s just one credit score. The truth is that there’s hundreds of different credit scoring models in the marketplace today. No need for confusion.  Learn why that’s the case and what it means for you when you seek your next credit application. For answers to some […]

Audio: Why Does a FICO® Score Matter?

When confidence counts, make sure you know all you can about your credit. Seeing your credit scores gives you valuable information when you consider a major purchase or set your next financial goal. As one of the most well-known providers of credit scores, listen in to learn why a FICO® Score can be valuable, and why […]