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Some credit accounts may not appear on your credit reports

Dear Experian, Why does my good credit not show on my credit report? - WRB

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Lender may choose not to report a credit account

Dear Experian, I just reviewed my credit report and found that a significant credit purchase was not listed. All my payments were made on time. Can this be reflected in my credit report? - BLR

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How soon banks report new accounts

Dear Experian, How soon do banks have to report new credit loans to the reporting agencies? - MLC

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A brief credit reporting history

Dear Experian, Who gave permission to collect information at consumer reporting companies, and when did it start? - SPL

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Law does not require lenders to report payment history

Dear Experian, I was told by a bank that the law requires merchants and lenders to report data related to my credit. Can you point me to where I can find this legal information? - LUK

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