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Experian credit report does not include eviction reports

Dear Experian,

An eviction is showing on my credit report, per the leasing company I submitted an application to. I have never received paperwork for an eviction, but when I contacted the courts, they show an eviction was filed against me and dismissed. They say there is no judgment against me. How can I go about removing this as it’s preventing me from finding new housing because it doesn’t show “dismissed” on my credit report.


Broken lease appears on tenant screening report

Dear Experian,

My daughter’s report is showing she had a broken lease in November 2013. However, she just moved out in July. How can she correct this?


College student facing eviction when roommate violates lease

Dear Experian,

My daughter – a college student – may be evicted from her apartment due to her roommate violating the lease. If this happens how will it affect my daughter, and will she have any recourse?


When roommates don’t pay their share of the rent

Dear Experian,

I’m a college student, and today I was given an eviction notice because my roommates didn’t pay their rent on time. I was wondering what happens if they pay the amount they owe before our court date. Does it still go on my credit score? Do I have any options because I paid my rent on time?


Evictions are not shown in a credit report

Dear Experian,

I have an eviction on my credit report which is inaccurate. I have proof that it was paid. Every time I apply for an apartment I am denied because of this eviction on my record. I have ordered my credit reports and it does not appear on any of them, yet it’s on every tenant screening report. I would like to know how to have it removed.


Eviction is not shown on a credit report

Dear Experian,

How long does it take for an eviction to show up on your credit report?


Reporting a judgment against a former tenant

Dear Experian,

I have an eviction and financial judgment against a former tenant. Do I need to report it to Experian in order for it to appear on his credit report?


Deleting evictions, judgments and bankruptcy from your credit report

Dear Experian,

Is there a way to get an eviction removed? A judgment was filed against me. If a judgment is discharged in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can it be removed from your report?


Eviction will remain on your report after paying collection or judgment

Dear Experian,

I have an eviction on my credit that I’m about to pay. What will it say on my credit report? When I go get another apartment will that appear?


Judgment for eviction could appear on your credit report

Dear Experian,

I want to know if your landlord put you in court for unpaid rent and you got evicted but he did not do a credit check when you moved in would it be on your credit report?


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