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Employer listings on your credit report

Dear Experian, I used to see my Experian credit report. You have my current employer incorrectly listed. The employer you show was a couple of jobs ago, and I work for a completely different company now. How significant is this? Should I request you update your records? Will I harm my credit standing by making such a request? - CKC

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Credit scores not impacted by employer listing or income

Dear Experian, It appears all three credit reporting agencies had listed my employer incorrectly. What impact does my correct employment and earnings have on my credit rating? -RCH

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Employers, credit scores and freezing your credit file

Dear Experian, Can a prospective employer get a credit score on me if I have a security freeze, or do I need to remove the security freeze? - ARJ

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Updating employer listing on your credit report

Dear Experian, How does an employer report a job history to Experian? - BZI

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