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Divorce agreements and credit reporting

Dear Experian,

My divorce agreement requires that I write a letter to the credit agencies stating that all pre-marital debt on my report is my responsibility. Where should I send this letter?


Removing ex-spouse’s address from credit report after divorce

Dear Experian,

My credit report shows two addresses for my former husband, who moved to Virginia. I have lived in Illinois for 36 years. I was able to dispute one address, but not the other. How do I get both removed? Also, my employer information is wrong. I was able to dispute it, but not provide the correct employer information. How do I do that?


How ex-husband’s address appears on your credit report

Dear Experian,

After viewing my credit report, I saw that two addresses are addresses where I have never lived. They are addresses of my ex-husband. How do they get on my report?


How divorce can impact your credit scores

Dear Experian,

I read that divorce does not impact your credit scores, but I’ve heard from people who are divorced that said it damaged their credit. If it doesn’t impact your scores, how does it damage your credit?


Removing ex-spouse’s address from your credit report

Dear Experian,

I had you remove my ex-wife’s address from my report, and now it is back on there. I need to know why, and I would like it to be removed and to stay removed.


Deleting a mortgage after divorce

Dear Experian,

I have been divorced over one year. My ex-spouse was awarded the house and all bills that she has with that house. I want that off my credit report. What has to be done to correct this problem?


Divorce decree does not remove contractual responsibility for debt

Dear Experian,

My ex-husband took over a credit card with my name on it in the divorce, and it was also stated as such in our divorce decree. He has quit paying it, and it has been charged off. How can I get that off of my reports as I no longer was responsible for it after the divorce, which took place in August of 2009?


Separating your credit from your ex-spouse

Dear Experian,

I am separating from my husband and do not want his creditworthiness joined with me anymore. How do I separate my creditworthiness from his?


Separating your credit after divorce

Dear Experian,

My husband I have had a joint credit report for the last 10 years. Our credit is in good standing, by the way. Now that we are divorcing, what steps do we need to follow to establish our own individual credit reports? Will our positive credit history follow us to our newly established individual reports, or does one person retain the good history and the other start new?


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