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Notifying Experian of dispute results at other consumer reporting companies

Dear Experian,

If an item is disputed through another credit reporting agency and an investigation is conducted and decision issued, must I dispute the same item with Experian or just submit the results of the other investigation?


Items deleted through dispute should be deleted from all credit reports

Dear Experian,

I disputed items on my credit report to Experian, and they were deleted. Will the items be deleted from my reports with the other two agencies as well?


Correction on Experian report should also be made on other credit reports

Dear Experian,

When one thing is corrected on an Experian credit report as the result of a dispute, does that mean it is corrected on the other two credit reports?


A dispute results in an account being “updated” and “closed”

Dear Experian,

I disputed an account on my credit report. It came back “updated,” and on the status shows “closed.” Then it states, “account closed by grantor’s request.” Does this mean it is closed and I don’t have to pay that account, or does it mean something else?


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