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Deleting evictions, judgments and bankruptcy from your credit report

Dear Experian, Is there a way to get an eviction removed? A judgment was filed against me. If a judgment is discharged in your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, can it be removed from your report? - JLB

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Updating bankruptcy information

Dear Experian, After a bankruptcy discharge the creditors usually update their entrances, so the debt shows as discharged in bankruptcy. However, they don't always do that. Can I send you a copy of my discharge and the list of creditors so the report can be updated? - ETT

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Accounts in bankruptcy are not deleted immediately

Dear Experian, I just filed bankruptcy and it was discharged in January 2011. I thought that because I filed bankruptcy my bad credit would be taken off my credit report. How come they are all still there but show discharged with Chapter 7? - JAC

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Why accounts in bankruptcy continue to be part of your credit report

Dear Experian, Why are the accounts that are under a bankruptcy listed individually? Doesn't the bankruptcy cover that? - ELZ

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