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What the term “derogatory” means in a credit report

Dear Experian, I have something showing on my credit report called derogatory. Can you please explain to me what that means? - WDS

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Repossession or voluntary surrender will remain for seven years

Dear Experian, How long does a derogatory closure of an account pertaining to an auto loan affect your credit scores? - EST

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The meaning of “key derogatory” as a credit score factor

Dear Experian, What does "Key Derogatory” mean? - RTC

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The meaning of “derogatory public record”

Dear Experian, My credit score states "time since derogatory public record or collection is too short." What is a “derogatory public record”? - JTR

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What “derogatory” means

Dear Experian, What does “derogatory” mean when it shows up on my credit reports? - JUA

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