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Notifying Experian of the death of a relative

Dear Experian,

My mother died recently, how do I get her information into your data bank?


What happens to your credit file when you die

Dear Experian,

What happens to your credit file when you die? Does the file get closed right away, or does it stay open for a period of time?


How to notify Experian that an individual has died

Dear Experian,

Where can I fax a death certificate so the individual’s report can be flagged appropriately?


Joint accounts with husband can help wife qualify for credit

Dear Experian,

I have been married for many years and have always had credit with my husband. If I ever need to apply for credit on my own, will I be able to get approved based on the good credit I have had with him?


Executor of an estate can obtain the deceased’s credit report

Dear Experian,

I am the personal representative for my brother’s estate. I’m trying to identify his active credit accounts so that I can compile a list of creditors for the estate. Is it possible for the estate executor to order a credit report for the deceased?


What to do if you are mistakenly reported as deceased

Dear Experian,

I am listed as deceased on my credit history. How can I change that?


What happens to a spouse’s credit report when they die

Dear Experian,

When a spouse dies what happens to their credit information? Can it be purged or removed with a copy of the death certificate?


Stopping preapproved credit offers addressed to deceased son

Dear Experian,

My son passed away in April. I need some advice and am hoping you can help me out. I keep getting credit stuff for him in the mail. How do I let the credit bureaus know that he is deceased as I do not want anyone trying to use his identity? Please, if at all possible, let me know where to start.


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