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Credit Curious: Top Tips from Budgeting Experts

When your budget needs a tune-up, it usually means one of two things: either it’s been a while since you looked at it, or things have recently changed in your world. In either case, there’s no better time than now to bring your finances into sync. We recently hosted a Credit Curious podcast featuring two […]

Paying Off Student Loans to Enjoy Life After College

Financial blogger Thom Fox reminds us that everyone learns about the power of credit at some point. Discover how pursuing higher education later on gave him a different approach to student spending. I went to college later in life than usual. During my youth, I was one of those kids who didn’t know what they […]

Using your credit report to compile a complete list of your creditors and debts

Dear Experian,

How do I find out what I really owe and if any creditor will settle for less if I can pay off the balance? Can I get a list of all my creditors from you?


Difference between “balance-to-limit ratio” and “debt-to-income” ratio

Dear Experian,

What is the appropriate balance-to-limit or debt-to-income ratio? I do not maintain a balance on my credit cards but worry that I have credit limits that are too high and could impact my overall credit.


Student loans are debt obligations like any other loan

Dear Experian,

My student loans are affecting my credit. Why?