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The impact of a voluntary vehicle surrender

Dear Experian, I am considering a voluntary vehicle surrender. What ramifications can I expect, both financially and on my credit report and credit scores if I agree to surrender my vehicle to the creditor? - COF

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The difference between PLUS scores and FICO scores

Dear Experian, What is the difference between a “Plus” score and a “FICO” score? On a June credit report from Experian my Plus score was 790 (330-830), while my FICO score with Experian was 889 (300-850). I realize both scores are excellent, but I would like to understand it further. - DRA

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There is more than one FICO score

  • September 20th, 2006
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Dear Experian, I recently tried to get a car loan and was told that my Auto FICO score was low. I found this strange because I know my FICO score is in the high six hundreds. The dealer explained that the difference is an Auto FICO score is different than a regular FICO score. Is this accurate? - DHA

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Paying collection accounts in full can help, but might not improve credit scores

Dear Experian, In the long run, will my credit be more positively affected if I pay off collection agency debt in full as opposed to accepting and paying a settlement amount? - ATO

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