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Canadian credit history will not transfer to the United States

Dear Experian, Will my Canadian credit history transfer to the USA? - ERS

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Buy-here-pay-here dealer not likely to report payments

Dear Experian, I bought a car from a buy-here-pay-here place and paid off the car in full. Can I add that to my credit report? - HOL

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Role of income in credit reporting

Dear Experian, What role does income play in credit reporting? - LIB

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Mother cannot report personal car payments

Dear Experian, I've been making regular car payments to my mother for a loan in her name. How can she report these payments to help my credit? - ZAB

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Credit information is updated continuously

Dear Experian, How often is credit information updated? - CNA

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Account not reported by lender

Dear Experian, How do I add an account that is on my other reports but not on Experian? - EAL

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