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The impact of fraud alerts when checks and debit cards or stolen

Dear Experian,

My debit card and checks are being taken without my knowledge and being used. What can I do to protect myself? To stop everything the bank charges you money, of course. The retailer obviously doesn’t check identification. What are my options? My bank account was drained. Who do I turn to? I thought the fraud alert helped.


Not just anyone can get your credit report

Dear Experian,

Can anyone obtain a credit report on anyone else if they are not a lending company of any kind? There is an argument going on a message board and someone is saying that any individual can obtain a credit report on any other individual.


Settled or charged off accounts in your credit report are “potentially negative”

Dear Experian,

If an account is paid off/closed, settled, or charged off, why would it still be showing as potentially negative? Is there any way to get these removed so they no longer affect me negatively?


Getting a free credit report when your application is declined

Dear Experian,

I was denied credit based on a credit report from Experian. Can I order a free credit report online from Experian if I have already used my free annual credit report within the last 12 months?


Explaining what a credit report is and why it is important

Dear Experian,

What is my credit report?


“Credit report” is same thing as “file disclosure”

Dear Experian,

I have to ask the very dumbest of questions. Is the “credit report” the same exact thing as a “file disclosure,” or is there an editing or account management type of feature in which it is separate from the credit report, which is kept hidden, and is different to the extent that it is accusatory or of a legal workings nature, rather than reporting?


Tradelines and your credit report

Dear Experian,

Is adding tradelines to your credit beneficial? What are the pros and cons of tradelines? Do you have any documentation concerning tradelines?


The impact of a voluntary vehicle surrender

Dear Experian,

I am considering a voluntary vehicle surrender. What ramifications can I expect, both financially and on my credit report and credit scores if I agree to surrender my vehicle to the creditor?


Broken apartment lease contract can affect your credit report

Dear Experian,

I recently asked my landlord to end my lease early. Her response was, “You must pay your lease, and as you contracted. Or, you can suffer severe credit damage.”

Is this true? Can she make a report to Experian and the other credit bureaus that will post to my credit history?


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