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Credit Repair

‘Credit repair’ might be a term you’re familiar with: you’ve seen it promised in a commercial, or flashing in an online ad. While companies may seem to promise all kinds of quick fixes, knowing what they can really do – as well as their limitations – is very important. Credit repair companies may make an array of […]

Bad Credit History and Repair

How to Improve a Bad Credit History A bad credit history leads to bad credit scores Improve your credit scores to get better interest rates Mistakes on a credit report can be fixed Why Your Credit History Is Critical Your history tells creditors about behaviors that can add up to a “good” or “bad” credit rating. […]

You can “fix” your credit report without help

Dear Experian,

This is the first time in a long time that I am daring to try to fix my credit report. Can I fix it myself, or do I need assistance from somebody else?


Key to improving scores is making payments on time, not hiring credit repair

Dear Experian,

I paid a credit repair specialist $1,800, and seven months later my score has only improved a little. I need help to improve my score. Can you guide me?


Experian does not review loan documents or notify credit repair firms to call consumers

Dear Experian,

I received a call from a law firm in Florida. They explained to me that Experian had notified them that you had reviewed my loan documents and that there were some errors in these documents and for a fee they would act on my behalf and inform the mortgage holder that they had 20 days to remedy said errors or missing info in the loan documents. They claimed once the letter was received by the mortgage company I would no longer have to make payments or repay these payments until an agreement had been reached with the lender to reduce my interest rate or even my principal if my house was under water. These missed payments would not affect my credit and the loan would be considered under dispute. They call what they do “Affirmative Mortgage Defense.” Is this a scam? Would Experian ever contact a law firm? This sounds way too good to be true!


Purchasing “seasoned tradelines” likely to land you deeper in debt

Dear Experian,

Can purchasing seasoned tradelines help repair my credit?


The difference between “good debt” and “bad debt”

Dear Experian,

I have read that consumers can pay to delete detrimental information on their credit report. Initially, I thought that sounded too good to be true. Is it? Also, is that legal? I’ve also heard that debt can be classified as “good” debt, such as student loans and “bad” debt like outstanding credit card balances. Is there any truth to this?


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