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Marriage will not affect your credit monitoring service

Dear Experian, If I get credit monitoring for myself for all three credit bureaus, how is that impacted if I am married? - YSK

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Teenage college student should accept credit monitoring offer

Dear Experian, My 17-year-old daughter just received an email from the university she is attending about a possible security breach on their admission registration files. The university is offering a one year free TripleAlert membership to her. My question is does she need it? I don't believe she has done anything to establish a credit record. She has a debit card but no credit cards. Other than opening and using a credit card, what else might trigger the creation of a credit record in any of the three credit companies? - MCS

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Monitoring services still work when you freeze your credit file

Dear Experian, If I have my file frozen with all three national credit reporting companies can I still have credit monitored? I do have a couple of monitoring services, but I’m not so sure they are working. I want both if possible, frozen and monitored. Is this possible? - DYN

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Getting reports from a credit monitoring service won’t hurt your credit scores

Dear Experian, I've heard that subscribing to a credit service that checks my credit daily or weekly can negatively impact my credit score. Can you tell me if having these non-agency credit monitoring agencies can put me in any jeopardy? - LCI

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