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If you use credit, you will have a credit report

Dear Experian,

How do I get all my information removed from Experian files and databases? I want zero affiliation with credit scores. I am comfortable with a credit score of zero.


No credit history despite having several open accounts

Dear Experian,

I recently tried to apply for a car loan. They told me I was denied because they could not find any of my credit history information. I have a few credit cards from department stores, so I’m not sure why this happened. What can I do to have my information updated?


Recent late payments hurt credit scores the most

Dear Experian,

Why has my credit score dropped 42 points? There is a late payment on one of my cards which has since been brought current, and four of my accounts have been paid off and have a “0” balance. Why doesn’t my score increase as quickly when I pay off accounts as it does when I miss a payment?


How long it takes for scores to go up depends on your overall credit history

Dear Experian,

How long after negative information is removed will it take for your credit score to go back up? When viewing your credit report, can a business see if you have been denied credit?


Ordering your own credit report won’t hurt your credit scores

Dear Experian,

Is there any way I can check my credit score without it hurting my score? How much does it hurt me to order my credit score?


Removing closed accounts in good standing from your credit report

Dear Experian,

How do I go about getting old, closed in good standing, credit card accounts off my credit report?


Credit histories not stored for specific dates in the past

Dear Experian,

How can I get my credit history for 1986 and previous years?


Delinquency cannot be removed after two years of on time payments

Dear Experian,

If payment has not been delinquent for two or more years can it be removed from potentially negative status?


Explaining what a credit report is and why it is important

Dear Experian,

What is my credit report?


Why both creditors appear on your report after a loan is sold

Dear Experian,

One creditor sold an account to another. Why are they both showing up on my credit report?


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