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There is no limit on the number of credit cards you can have

Dear Experian, How many credit cards can I have? I have eight credit cards. I opened all of them within the last year (total $6,500), plus a loan for a car ($16,000). I am a housewife. My husband pays all my bills on time, but he keeps asking me to get new credit cards. I wonder if it's damaging my credit history or my credit score. Also, is it shown on my credit report if I apply for a credit card and I do not get approved? - ARY

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Balance-to-limit ratio applies only to revolving accounts

Dear Experian, Does the balance-to-limit ratio only apply to credit cards, or does it apply to installment loans, such as student loans or auto loans, as well? - NDR

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Getting more credit cards to help credit scores

Dear Experian, Will my credit score improve if I have more credit cards? Do I have to use them to get a better score? - IGG

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Business credit cards on your personal credit report

Dear Experian, I am the sole proprietor of an LLC. Will credit cards in my name and the name of the business show up on my personal credit report? - AHK

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Closing accounts after death of husband

Dear Experian, My husband died on July 10, 2009. I am closing out nearly all the credit cards he had. How will that affect my credit score? - PRE

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